SyFy's Van Helsing

If you like clear and neat plot lines where everything gets tied up in a little bow this is not the show for you.

The Vampire trope has brown a large fan-base within the lat few years, but for those of us who were into the creatures of the night way before that, things are becoming ridiculous, but that is a completely different article. Van Helsing tells the story of a post-apocalyptic America, where after the sun was covered by the ashes of a vulcanic eruption the, so called, vampire race rules over mankind, in a Holocaust like scenario, where most surviving humans are sent to live in camps. The plot revolves around Vanessa, a woman who was murdered by the vampires at the time of the eruption and who goes upon a comatose-like-death kind of state until she wakes up in the present with mysterious gifts. Now, the story could not have been so bad. At a certain point I felt that the creators were unsure if they wanted to create a Gothic Horror or a SciFi horror show - one moment The character discovers she was born from an experiment and that is why she has these abilities,and, a couple of episodes later she is a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing on one side and a vampire on the other. 


The Villains are not much better. To start it off, these vampires are not very vampiric, then you have the villainous power couple - who spends more time lying and undermining each other than actually trying to win the "war". Although this is not a show I can adjectify as good, it is so ridiculous it becomes entertaining, and the characters are not that bad. I just wish the plot had been better constructed, because then, this show would have been great. Here you have the trailer, if you do watch it, let me know what you thought: